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The information on this website is exclusively directed at qualified investors within the meaning of the Federal Act of Collective Investment Schemes (CISA) and its implementing ordinance as well as according to the most recent interpretation of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

The following are considered qualified investors within the meaning of the CISA: supervised financial intermediaries (e.g. banks, securities dealers, fund management companies, asset managers of collective investment schemes, as well as central banks), supervised insurance institutions, public law corporations and benefit plans with professional treasury management, enterprises with professional treasury management, high net worth individuals who have opted-in and investors who have entered into a written discretionary management agreement with a supervised financial intermediary or an independent asset manager and who have not opted-out..

The information on this website is exclusively directed at qualified investors with residence or domicile in Switzerland.


Under Art. 29 IUO the term “qualified investor” applies to the following parties that invest at least CHF 250,000 (or the foreign currency equivalent) in the investment undertaking for qualified investors:

A. Corporate entities subject to a supervisory regime equivalent to that of Liechtenstein, notably:

banks and securities houses; insurance companies; occupational insurance schemes; post office institutions; asset management companies; collective capital investments and their management companies.

B. Commercial companies whose equity capital in the last financial year amounted to more than CHF 20 million or the foreign currency equivalent.

C. Persons, corporations, trustees, other corporate entities and bodies which are not commercially active but which, at the time of the investment, directly or indirectly hold financial assets to a value of at least CHF 1 million or the foreign currency equivalent.

D. States, public sector corporations and institutions, central banks, international and supranational institutions and other comparable international organisations.

E. Investors who have concluded a written investment management agreement with persons domiciled at home or abroad, providing they

are subject to a supervisory regime equivalent to that of Liechtenstein with regard to their asset management activities or are demonstrably affiliated to an industry organisation recognised by the national supervisory authority,

are subject to the anti-money laundering rules currently in force within the EEA or to equivalent rules.

When subscribing to the fund upon the issue of fund units or when purchasing fund units at a later date investors must confirm that they belong to one of the above categories A. to D. or that they are acting as an investment manager in accordance with category E. The paying agent or management/administration company must check the plausibility of the subscription or unit purchase application with regard to the status of qualified investor. For categories A. to D. a minimum purchase limit of CHF 250,000 or foreign currency equivalent applies (only to the initial acquisition, not to subsequent unit purchases). This volume limit does not apply to category E.


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